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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Allah is A Criminal??

Yesterday my facebook friend (Alma Geologist) post something in my timeline. It is about an effort to remove a page “Allah is criminal”. I try to find that page in facebook. Just want to confirm about the existing of that page. Is it still exist or already remove by facebook admin.

Finally I found this page.

Click HERE to go to this page

Oh Allah. Please open their eyes, open their hearts and open their minds to back to you Ya Allah.......

I also don’t know what should i do. But what can I do just only report this page. This is the steps that I take
Click Report page

 Choose by your own. I choose Hate speech -> target a religious group

I also don’t know what category should I report this page. But that is my choice. Hopefully that is a good choice. So what is your choice? Want to report it or just continue surfing without show our concern in our religious issue? All in your hand…..

But there is another option with not only report it. You also can share this information with your facebook friends. Hope we can show this small effort in front Allah in as a prove we love Allah and hate anything that insult Allah. May Allah Bless us….

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