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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Bila Menteri bercakap tentang Valentine

 Mari kita tengok apa kata menteri kite mengenai valentine. Maaf cakap. Fia bukan menteri yang dari agama lain. Dia juga seorang Muslim yang mewarisa keislamannya dari ibu dan ayahnya juga seperti kita. Ada sedikit gambar paper tersebut sebagai pembuktian. Tapi maaf gambar tak jelas. hasil carian di internet dapat jugak aku gambar dan teks sebenarnya. jemput membaca dengan jiwa seorang yang beriman. 1...2....3.....Go!!!

'Don't politicise Valentine's Day'

VALENTINE'S Day is a time to show love and appreciation for loved ones and the celebration should not be politicised.

Several people interviewed by the New Straits Times yesterday also questioned the motive of Pas Youth in seeking a ban on the celebration.

Last week, Pas Youth deputy chief Nik Abduh Nik Aziz urged the government to air anti-Valentine's Day advertisements in the media as it did not want it to become a trend among Muslims.

Couples Haikal Zawawi, 23, and Janet Paul, 20, said Valentine's Day was to show love, affection, admiration and appreciation not only to spouses and lovers, but also to friends.

"Immoral activities happen every day. It is not right for Pas Youth to urge a ban on the day saying that it will promote unhealthy activities. This just doesn't sound right," Haikal said.

Student Yap Xin Yi, 17, said Valentine's Day was meant to celebrate love among couples, friends and families.

"It is a happy occasion for people to get together and strengthen their bond. Pas should not be so narrow-minded, " she said.

Computer technician Velayudham Kannan, 22, said Pas should not act as moral guardians and impose their belief on others.

"It is an individual's right whether or not he or she wants to celebrate Valentine's Day. This should be respected and no one should impose their values on others."

Civil servant, Huzir Yahya, 21, said it was not right for Pas to issue such a statement as there were more important issues which the party must focus on.

"They should know their priorities. Valentine Day's is just a celebration to show our love, and that can include parents. I do not see anything wrong with this."

Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz said that the government was against any form of protest against Valentine's Day as all Malaysians were entitled to the right of freedom of expression.

"What is wrong with celebrating Valentine's Day? Can a one-day event cause the moral values of Malaysians to go down?

"What proof has Pas got to substantiate such claims? We should not pay attention to them ... they are a confused lot," said Nazri in Padang Rengas yesterday.
Nazri also said that there was no statistics to show that celebrating Valentine's Day would create immoral values among the people.

He said during the tabling of the Peaceful Assembly Bill, Pas leaders had expressed the need for freedom of expression.

"What do they want now? Valentine's Day is just a freedom of one's expression," he added.NST

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